mover showed

Let me just say, wow... the past three weeks have been difficult, stressful, and so beautiful.

hard to explain.

finally our mover showed up. it was an absolute nightmare and i found out they are on a white collar criminal list. the moral of the story- anything you want done right, do it yourself. we should have done more research before hiring such a horrible moving company (Final Destination Van Lines).

here are some more pictures of what we have been doing in the past week or so...

Here is a view from our back yard... we get rather large birds visiting us.
We have stopped in to a few of the art galleries and they are pretty amazing. Here is a piece from an artist we saw in the Alberta District.

The different types of flowers and plants that grow here are unlike anything I have ever seen.
Many buildings have artwork on the sides, painted murals and more Thai and vegan food than anywhere we've ever been.
...a lot of boats along the river....
at the carnival downtown. i think it is open most of the year?

the visitor center

wine! everywhere!
The forecast for the next week is looking like great weather. We weren't anticipating the movers to rip us off so bad so the money is tight right now but I keep picking up shifts at work and Vanessa has been interviewing a lot. By the end of June, we should be pretty settled, I hope.

More pictures and blog updates to come.

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