From Idaho to Oregon

Well we finally made it to Portland. The Columbia River Gorge was astonishing and I can't wait for us to take camping trips there. The drive into Oregon was the most beautiful from the trip. Despite a few minor set backs (movers not showing up for another week, job transfer issues, internet issues - Thanks Starbucks), we are doing just fine. Our neighbors are really nice, Jeremy and Suzanne. The weather is very different from what we are used to in Texas, it is much colder here. However, the downtown area is amazing and complex. There are a lot of bicycles and bike lanes. Public transportation is pretty good but I have yet to put it to the test. Right now, it is just Vanessa, the pets, and I living in a big empty house. We saw a coyote travel through our back yard and some very large birds land in our yard. Nature is everywhere! Now all I need is my art supplies so I can start drawing this stuff. The studio is all ready for it.

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