left Texas, currently in Colorado

So we left Denton, Texas at 5 am on Friday. Our first stop was in Oklahoma City to say goodbye to friends and family. North West Oklahoma is pretty boring landscape but getting to drive through New Mexico was absolutely beautiful. The land was mountainous and the clouds were the most bizarre I've ever seen.

Once we got to Colorado Springs, My folks took us through the town. I especially liked the lawn gnomes.

This is a shot from Pikes Peak. The elevation was 14,000+ feet. There was still snow on the mountain tops and it is almost June. The air was dryer which I am not used to, but really enjoyed it.

This is Vanessa at the Garden of the Gods. It reminded me a lot of early Star Trek episodes. There was one rock formation that people say looks like two camels kissing... I could maybe see it? just looked like rock to me. Pretty though. So is Vanessa.

My mom and I at this great spot on Pikes Peak. She is loving her new Colorado home. Steve can't wait to move here too.
Oh yeah, see that rock formation in the center top part? well that is the two camels kissing. Like I said, it's rock.

Rorschach was being a good boy today.

When we returned back to our stop, Vanessa took our other dog out and had a close encounter with a bear! Her eyes got really wide and she said "Look look! a bear outside!" Really freaky but awesome too. Tomorrow morning we head to Boise, Idaho. 14 hour drive, here I come.

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