playing catch up

Here I am. back again. for yet another update.

Last Thursday Art Walk was fun and I had a good response from the masses. Chanel 8 news did an interview...

The City of Portland usually funds the security and port-a-potties but it seems as though we the people must find new ways of funding the event.

The Screamer Company released their issue of "Four" in Austin, Texas on July 30th. There are some pretty amazing artists in there and it is The Screamer Company's first full color issue, I believe. There is a page for me but I have yet to see the publication. Anxiously, I await next to the mailbox.

However, Cartilagine Magazine sent me a few copies of their "Beautiful Maladies" July 2010 issue. It was pretty amazing to see my 2 page spread of "Close To The End". They did a great job and hopefully I have the interest of a few more people. The work of the other artists in their was outstanding. It feels good to be associated with something as unique as that.

There are still a few "Evo" tee shirts left. I only have size large and medium left. Should I make another run? We'll see.

Today, Vanessa and I took the tram just to see the view. It lifted us up over the city in a shiny vessel that dangles from a wire. The swaying made me a little nauseous. here are the photos I managed to take.

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