afternoon nap

Today was spent with the in-laws at their yard sale.
I put a floor easel up for sale, five bucks, no body bought it.
In reality, I'm just trying to get rid of as much junk as I can before Vanessa and I move to Portland. It is less than a month away and I am ready. It's not that Denton, Texas doesn't have much to offer... scratch that. There are some great people here, and the friendships made have made the past three years here worth while.
Tonight Vanessa and I have her adopted five year old brother with us for a sleep over.
I took a nap under a tree today. The weather was beautiful. Just staring at the back of my eyelids and hearing all the ambiance around me was just what my mind was craving. Even though the road ahead is very unknown, there is a sense of peace about it. This experience wouldn't be the same if I were a few years younger. It probably would be much more stressful. With my wife by my side, I feel like everything will be alright no matter what.

It has been a while since I have really worked on any new drawings. Most of my materials are packed up in boxes. I'm using this time to soak up as much as I can so I can squeeze out the new ideas as soon as we move.

In other news, I am feeling nerdy... more nerdy than usual.Who knows?

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